My New Favorite Trustworthy Singapore Aircon Service

Singapore is an expensive country. Living expenses are high from the most daily purchases to the most major of services. This is one reason we were happy to discover the Cool Earth air conditioning company in Singapore. They are our new primary provider of air conditioning servicing and maintenance.

Singapore’s weather can be hard on our air conditioning units. It can be so erratic that you have to check on your AC all the time just to be sure it is working right when you need it the most. I did DIY cleanings on my aircon for about two years. I would take out the filter, wash it off with water, let it dry and replace it.

If I did not see any dust visible on the unit I felt I was good to go. Then two of my children got sick with bronchitis. It was a shock to hear the doctor say that the cause of their recurring cough was most likely the air conditioning. That is when it hit me. It had been a full two years since the aircon had been checked, cleaned or maintained by a real professional in aircon.

It was at this point I had a revelation that led me to find Cool Earth’s  air-conditionining services. I went online and started searching the Internet for an aircon specialist that offers affordable prices for in-home service. Of all the companies I found, Cool Earth was the most responsive. It was easy to trust them right away.

During our first interaction, it was a relief to find out that they also serve most of the residences in the Singapore area at affordable rates. I immediately liked their expertise as well as their commitment to quality. I could see that their services were worth the money spent on them.

There can be times where they may not be able to do immediate dispatches to a home. This is only when they are experiencing a high demand such as during their busy summer seasons. Your best idea is to always book their services ahead of time. Do this when you need something major done like a chemical cleaning or a new aircon installation.

This company also installed air conditioning units in our office. They are always checking on these units regularly. This is the type of service you can get from Cool Earth whether commercial or residential.

The team at Cool Earth is always friendly. You can learn a lot from them. They provide plenty of tips on how to save energy and extend the life of your air con. They may be one of the best Singapore aircon service there is.  They will even help you learn how to detect problems with the AC. They currently serve the entire Singapore area. You can expect them to get to you as soon as you request them to.

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